I am a novice. I enjoy to write, I enjoy to explore thoughts.

This blog will follow our family journey and different adventures that we encounter. I will also look at products to review, both family related and home related. I am also hoping in the coming months to add a recipe section too!

We were two, now we are three. Mid twenties, early thirties and new to the world. Explorers, questioners, debaters, creators. We will strive to provide an upbringing for Archie which is, enriched, colourful and creative (with a dash of madness).

We will teach him to respect, love, question, listen, help and explore.

We will get muddy, build forts and fight dragons.

I hope I will see the excitement, colour and wonderment of the world through his eyes.

I am a tiger and he is my cub.

He has opened up my heart more than I could have imagined with a love that is simply unexplainable.

This blog follows our journey as a family. It follows thoughts and ideas.

I aim to be frank and honest and hope that you find some posts useful, others slightly humorous (although I’m no comic!) and some of them thoughtful.

We were a blank book, but the pages are becoming colourful.


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