What a waste of money…

A few things I realise now that Archie is 8 months is the amount of stuff I bought which we just didn’t need.

If your anything like me, you will have found it difficult to control your spending during pregnancy and the first few months of your baby’s life.

I drastically over spent and got far too absorbed into all the media must haves for a new bundle!

Here are a few things which we didn’t need.

1) Baby shampoo. Ok, yes, we did need baby shampoo but I didn’t need to buy this every time it was on offer. Archie is 8 months and we are still on our first bottle of shampoo and have over half of the bottle left. He has at least one bath a day. The stuff is never ending. On the plus side we have enough to last him until he is about 7.

2) Baby lotion and baby oil. (See above). I actually have no idea what you really use the lotion for, is it just baby moisturiser (I have used it to get makeup off before!) I used the oil a handful of times at baby massage classes and have never applied baby lotion. I love using the aveeno moisturiser or calc. Products of which I didn’t stock up on.

3) Nappies. Your baby will grow fast, so don’t buy boxes and boxes of size 1 or even size 2 nappies just because they are on offer! So much money was wasted as I blinked and he was in size 3!

4) A bumbo seat. These are expensive items! We kindly got one leant to us. For us, it wasn’t helpful. Archie was sitting up unaided by 4 and a half months therefore we didn’t use it much and I have heard it’s not very good for a babies posture. In my opinion you are better off with pillows, or if you do want one, borrow one, don’t pay full whack, they will be out of it before you know it!

5) A tummy time mat. I spent over £20 on a tummy time mat when Archie has a beautiful handmade hungry caterpillar mat from his Nonna. A v pillow or pregnancy pillow does the same job. (A pillow of which I would strongly advise you to buy – they have so many purposes!)

6) Blankets. I went crazy buying blankets and we didn’t need too. Firstly we got some beautiful handmade ones given to us and secondly I ended up putting Archie in grobags to sleep in! Although, I’m sure the blankets will be great for making dens with in a few years.

7) Brand new toys. You will be surprised at how quickly your baby gets bored or uninterested in their toys. In fact, you will probably get more excited about some of their toys than them. I’m part of a flogging group on Facebook and it’s fab. People swap toys and offer toys at a very good price, most of which are in very good condition. I’ve just managed to get a Elefun ball blower for a fiver, in fab condition. RRP £35! Your baby does not need brand new toys, they know no difference – however your wallet does!

8) Oh the clothes! Obviously your baby needs to wear clothes, but don’t go ridiculous. There were so many clothes Archie didn’t get chance to wear because he had so many and grew so fast!

9) An expensive high chair. Ikea antilop all the way! This highchair is cheap and amazing (and we have tried a few!) It might not be the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but it is cheap and cheerful and is all that you need from a highchair. You can buy a cushion insert for it, so baby is snugly it in until they get a little bigger. They are close to the tray. It has a straight back which ensures that they sit up right so they can easily reach their food – I’m not sure why you would need a reclining highchair? … It is mega easy to clean. Seriously. Go out and buy one.

10) A bottle warmer. I picked a steriliser set that included a bottle warmer as I thought that it would be a fab piece of kit. It never left the box. One, because I breastfed. Two because if expressed milk was stored in the fridge it took about 2 minutes to heat up in a jug of boiling water. (I expressed about 4 times).

11) Cot bumper and quilt. They look pretty but after reading about hazard risks and babies rolling next to bumpers and it restricting the air I got freaked out so therefore it was used on the foot end of the cot. As for the quilt, baby’s are too small to be wrapped in a quilt. They do make good play mats though!

12) A cot changing table. For us this was a waste of money as Archie slept in our room for the first 4 months and his cot wasn’t in our room. We changed him in our room on a normal changing mat. By the time he moved to his room we couldn’t use the mat that went over the cot as he was a mover and would have tried to roll off!

I’d love to hear your opinions or advice! I’m going to follow this with a blog about things I have found to be a necessity!


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