A list of 22 things …

Having a baby has altered my life in a million and one ways and here are just a few of the things that have taken me by surprise:

1) I never thought I would be able to survive on such little sleep. Those first few months I was literally just rolling with the motions. It was like I was constantly in an out of body experience. The sleepless nights gradually get easier to handle and you soon start to rock the bags and messy hair.
Remember: sleep is for wimps.

2) I didn’t think I would become one of ‘those’ parents that posts 101 photos of my human on Facebook to ‘entertain’ the whole world with. Stage one of sitting, stage two of sitting, ooh look, sitting unaided! (Mums, I now understand your excitement and totally get why you want to share it with the world!)
Remember: to us our baby is the most beautiful baby to have ever been born, therefore we enjoy posting pictures of them. We apologise if this annoys you slightly. I get it, you don’t need to see 31 photos of Archie starring at a flower.

3) I didn’t realise that my life would feel like I have a sudden purpose.
Remember: I now have the best job in the world, therefore I will talk about my tiny human whenever I get the chance to.

4) I never new my boobs would constantly change size! Sometimes one boob is like triple the size of the other – it’s hilarious!

5) I never knew weaning a baby would feel so stressful. Baby led weaning, homemade purees, jars, spoons, no spoons, sippy cups, no lids. It felt like an absolute minefield. I know now it totally didn’t need to be so stressful and I did what was best for my baby and he is an amazing little eater who transferred to baby led weaning all by himself. People, I ask you, don’t hate spoons!

6) Leaving the house is a challenge. Have I packed enough food? (Maybe I should pack extra incase we get stuck in a lift!) Have I got a sun hat, a bobble hat, a romper and a snow suit, ya know, just incase there is a drastic change in the weather!

7) You become incredibly protective. Remember he is my cub and I know him best, therefore I am allowed to check 20 times that you know how to secure a car seat properly in the car.

8) I sometimes feel like I melt. Seriously, I just look at his squidgy cheeks and bright eyes and physically feel like I am melting at his cuteness.

9) How hard it would be. I have never been so exhausted in all my life. Parenthood is hard. End of.

10) It is so much fun! Yes, it is hard but I love it! I have a cheeky little boy who gives me kisses and cuddles, laughs uncontrollably and brightens up my entire day. I love the morning cuddles in bed at 6am (although wouldn’t mind if this got pushed to 7am!) I love picking out his outfits. I love hearing what he has to say, watching him play, learn and develop. – Archie is now 8 months and he has reached a whole new level of development and understanding. It amazes me!

11) I new it would be exciting but I never thought it would be cross your legs exciting when your baby reaches a milestone. Sitting up, rolling, crawling!! It is a proud moment and you actually would climb on top of a cloud and shout down a megaphone to tell the world if you could.

12) Your relationship with your partner will change. You have to learn about each other in a whole new way. You have to remember you are in it together and when times get tough, remember what a beautiful addition you made to the world. Talk to each other, remember why you fell in love because let’s face it, having a baby is hard and learning to be parents is hard and tiredness can cause crankiness and crankiness causes arguments. Forget the silly arguments. Sometimes men (or women) need telling. As in, some people need direction. My OH being an example. He is an amazing dad, but he needs lists! He needs me to tell him if the bottles need sterilising etc. I know Archie’s routine the best as I have been the one at home and I’m on automatic pilot with his routine. Cut each other some slack and try and work together.
Remember: you’re doing great.

13) My dignity would return. (You mean I actually laid in stirrups for quite a long time with the world and his wife looking at my faff?!)

14) Sex. I’m not sure I know of this word?

15) You learn to ‘love’ cold tea.

16) I never thought I’d get excited over poo. Most babies go through stages of constipation and the excitement and relief you feel for your little creature when they eventually go, is a similar feeling to when you notice that pair of boots you wanted are now in the sale. You feel elevated and so damn pleased!
Remember: poop is good. It keeps us unclogged.

17) It doesn’t matter how many books you read (although I tried to avoid parenting books) you will learn to do things your own way and your way will be the best way for you and your family. Believe in yourself.

18) Try and not compare your baby to another, babies are unique, little individuals just like you and me. They will eventually start sleeping through, weather it takes them 8 weeks or 2 years. They will eventually crawl. They will eventually learn to chew. Enjoy your baby in the now and try and not sweat the small stuff. (I’m slowly just starting to learn this and I feel a lot happier!)

19) You become your parents. You are now the rule setter and you think back to the rules and traditions you had when growing up and get excited about creating your own family traditions.

20) I have become overly emotional at everything and I don’t even try and hide it. Man, even the 5 little ducks nursery rhyme is pretty deep when you think about it?!

21) I have lost enough hair to fill a pillow case – our poor drainage system!

22) I didn’t know how much love my heart and body was physically capable of holding and that the love would grow and get stronger every single day.


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