It’s the most wonderful time..

So, Christmas is upon us and this year is going to be super magical! It’s like childhood is starting all over again!

We get to see the magic and excitement through Archie’s eyes. Christmas is brand new to him, it’s full of glittery lights, baubles, snowmen and Christmas carols!

Me and Matthew are already thinking about traditions we want to start, about traditions we had when growing up.

We are going to do a Christmas Eve box each year. It will have a new toothbrush in, toothpaste, pyjamas and a DVD.

I know he is too young to appreciate this or understand it this year, but Christmas has reached that same level of excited again for me and Matthew, the level of excitement you felt when you were a wide eyed, Santa loving 5 year old!

His Nonna has already made him a beautiful handmade stocking and we are already planning our festive trips out for the coming weeks.

I find myself getting randomly giddy thinking a few years down the line to when Archie will run into our bedroom in excitement, knowing that it is Christmas Day. Finding a half eaten mince pie, and a chewed carrot that Rudolph was munching on, in the living room.

Although we have to procreate to keep the human race alive, I think it also helps to keep us young, having children makes you remember the innocence and magic in the world.

When he is a little older we are going to start a 12 days of Christmas tradition, where each day Archie picks and unwraps a new book.

We have decided not to buy a ridiculous amount of presents, as he hasn’t learned the concept of Christmas yet, he is far too young to understand it and he will find much more wonderment in the lights, the boxes and the labels!

He has a lovely walker with traditional wooden blocks in from Santa Claus, and a few bits from mummy and daddy.

Is it too early to start watching Christmas films?

I’d love to know what traditions you will be doing or already do with your little ones.

I loved mince pie making with my mum on Christmas Eve!


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