Women. We are warriors.

I can’t be the only one that now, on reflection, (even though at the time it was pretty horrendous) giggles (in embarrassment) a little bit, at the fact that all was on show when giving birth and that nurses and doctors saw everything, and in my case put things up my bum!

I never ever thought I would reach a point where I could be randomly cleaning the house and stop and giggle at the thought of child birth.

I had a horrendous time giving birth, I lost a fair amount of blood, ended up with every painkiller going, getting rushed to the high dependancy ward, having a forceps delivery and lots of stitches!

It’s true, all respect and dignity goes straight out of the window when giving birth, you just don’t care, it’s almost like, you’re not you.

In the months following though, your dignity does return and the thought that you had your legs spread eagled in some stirrups for the whole world to see, is quite frankly, embarrassing!

I had to walk from one end of a ward to the other with a catheter in, I hadn’t done a wee in about 8 hours so went to try and force one out. However, that wee I didn’t need, ended up being a cascade of a heavy downpour! It overflowed the little grey tub you get given and went all over the ward toilet. Poking my head out of the door trying to get somebody’s attention wasn’t one of my favourite times!

Having people check your stitches. The uncontrollable wind. Constantly having your boobs on show and generally not having a care in the world about body parts, or body functions. Asking for some lactulose to make the blow of going to the toilet a little less intense and hopefully stop your insides from falling out! Openly asking for the worlds biggest maternity pads, that you didn’t just need for the obvious, you needed as a cushion for those big ass piles that popped out when pushing!

Seriously, women are warriors.


Note: OH Laughed up until the piles. He wanted me to delete it. But those piles were just too real. I couldn’t walk properly for months! (Giggle).


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