There’s a willy!

I was adamant, convinced, would have put money on it that I was having a girl! I had planned outfits, names and what the future was going to be like with a daughter.

Let me just mention, this isn’t a post about gender disappointment. I just genuinely thought me and Matthew were having a girl, I think this is because nearly everybody told us we were expecting a girl, and obviously you are going to believe the people who feel your belly and look at you convincingly declaring to you and those around ‘girl!’

Imagine my surprise when the sonographer announced that Podge was in fact a he! There was no denying it, it was right there on the screen … A willy!

We were having a blue one! We were over the moon, but let’s just say I’m definitely not one of those people who can just sense what they are having and as it turns out I’m pretty rubbish at guessing the genders of friends babies too!!

The imagined dresses soon got replaced by thoughts of dunagrees!


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