How about you stay inside?

I became pretty traumatised at the fact that my vagaja had to stretch to the size of a brand new loo roll, a grapefruit, a large handed mans clenched fist to give birth! (Ok I’m not sure about the size comparison for the last one) but seriously, 10 cms! Why did nature not make this child birthing act less scary, less horrific!

I had a fairly easy pregnancy, although I became huge and my tiny frame looked somewhat disproportionate, things went fairly well. I was however oh, so naive. I thought it would be fairly simple, fairly straight forward, the whole birthing thing, this was until I looked into it more.

It only became more of a reality (the birth process) as the impending due date got closer. I had to actually push this little human creator out of me? Their head, their shoulders, the lot! How on this green earth was that going to happen?

As I quite liked being pregnant, I thought perhaps, me and my little human could make a deal, he could stay in there, nice and cosy until I peeled myself from the ceiling and until I realised that in fact one way or another I was going to have to do the big GB.

Turns out they won’t let you be pregnant for longer than 41 weeks.

My poor vagina. (You ended up doing pretty awesome though!)





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